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Achieve that competitive edge and keep your customers happy with StockTrim’s multi-level bill of materials (BOM)

Posted by Dominic Sutton on Aug 21, 2019 5:08:23 PM

If you’re a manufacturer, you’ll know first-hand how inventory forecasting can consume your time and nag away at you. You’ll know all about variable lead times and how much of a headache they can become if not managed correctly; you’ve likely encountered the frustration of when your product’s ready to go, but it’s missing a vital component, or you can recall several times when your service reps got an ear-bashing because your product hasn’t been shipped on time.

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Cashflow Calculator Now Available

Posted by Dominic Sutton on Aug 12, 2019 2:35:27 PM

If you're after a very quick assessment (about 15 seconds!) of how much cashflow you may have tied up in overstocks please click this link

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Make an immediate impact when you understand your inventory. Featuring: Blick Industrial.

Posted by Dominic Sutton on Aug 2, 2019 1:56:43 PM

Blick Industrial are leading suppliers of drilling tools, fluids and other products for the drilling industry. Their products enable a wide range of projects to go ahead in New Zealand and Australia - from the massive – think new tunnels and geotechnical drilling - to the minuscule, like connecting homes to high-speed fibre.

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Demand Planning.. Typical Problems Of Inventory Control

Posted by Dominic Sutton on Aug 1, 2019 4:21:36 PM

Do you have headaches around your demand planning? How does this transfer through to your inventory planning and stock forecasting? Your issues are most likely not completely unique to your business, although they may appear so.

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