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Vend Integration Now Upgraded

Mar 31,2023

Vend is a user-friendly mobile POS interface that has 25,000 customers worldwide. Its fast to use and easy to learn, minimizing training time. It works seamlessly with existing or new hardware. Like StockTrim, all the data is synced and stored in the cloud and usable from anywhere.

StockTrim now integrates even better than before with Vend. With just one click, you can easily import all your Vend inventory, POS data, and more to get all the benefits of StockTrim:

  • Automated supplier order plans to make sure you always order enough in advance to make sure you never get cut short
  • Certainty about order quantities to make sure you don’t waste capital by ordering too much
  • Easy demand analysis, forecasts for every product in your range
  • Easily identify your fastest moving products, or most stagnant items

 Plus with these new added benefits:

  • Faster, easier to connect, easier to keep data up to date
  • Manage forecasts and order plans for different variants (eg: colours, sizes)
  • Manage forecasts at each location to predict branch transfer needs

StockTrim is proud to work with Vend, another Kiwi software company going places on the global stage.

StockTrim is smart inventory planning and demand forecasting software that helps SME’s get control of their stock. Customer report significant savings in time and money, whilst reducing incidences of errors that upset customers and suppliers. Inventory forecasting used to be reserved only for larger companies but now thanks to cloud based SaaS platforms, StockTrim can deliver the same level of inventory optimization and demand analysis for a fraction of the price.