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The Basics...

The whole point of StockTrim is to help your business in three ways:

1.  Save money by reducing excess capital tied up in Inventory

2.  Sell more by making sure you go out of stock less often, and

3.  Save time planning your orders.

So, how do you do this in StockTrim?

The essence of it is, just go to the order plan and place the suggested orders. That’s it. StockTrim is clever enough to have already figured out your optimal inventory levels. So you place the suggested orders now, highlighted red, to make sure you don’t go out of stock, and you hold off placing orders for sufficiently stocked items (in green).

But of course, day to day, there are more things to consider. Depending on the way you run your business, it’s not always that simple, so in the videos in this series, we’ll be going over the techniques you can use to optimize your inventory using StockTrim.