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Tutorial 3

Reducing Stock-Out Risk

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It’s frustrating for your customers and costly for you when you run out of stock and are unable to make your sales.

It’s important to know exactly how much you need to order, and when, so that you can meet your future demand, and have enough stock to cover the lead time or supplier delay, all while not ordering too much and wasting capital.

These considerations can be complex. But StockTrim makes it simple.

On the dashboard, the stock-out risk figure is the total margin for each item that has forecasted demand higher than the current stock level.

The 5 items of these with the most urgent order requirements are detailed below

Click here to see the suggested orders for you to place ASAP.

Note that the number of days left is less than the supplier lead time and that the stock level is less than the forecasted demand. So these items need to be re-ordered now before they sell out.

The suggested order quantity is the difference between the current stock level, and the forecasted demand plus buffer stock. We’ll go into this in more detail in another video.

By placing these suggested orders now, you’ll make sure that you can meet your forecasted demand after your current stock has been sold.