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StockTrim is a smart cloud based inventory planning & demand forecasting software that now integrates with TradeGecko.



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Our Users Report:




Up to 40% saving in working capital


Time saving in planning and reports


Reduction in stock-outs

*All stats come from averages from users data








Intuitive Order Plan

Easily see how much you need to order right now, so that you don’t get caught short, or accidentally order too much. No more time consuming calculations with forecasts, current stock levels, and supplier lead times.

Manufacturing Features

See the forecasted demand for your finished product and translate that into the required orders for each component or ingredient. StockTrim even handles multi-level Bills of Materials with ease.

Multiple Locations

Plan how much inventory you need to order for each of your stores or warehouses..



Detailed Demand Analysis

Drill down to see the underlying demand patterns and order quantity calculations so you can be confident in predictions and ordering the right amount.


Variable Lead Times

Configure your supplier lead time and recalculate the forecasts in real time to ensure you have enough to cover the time between placing orders and receiving your products.

Ability to Forecast New Products

StockTrim is unique in that it can even predict demand for new products without any sales history.

StockTrim has many other features to help with the day to day practicality of running your business.





I have three small web stores and manage my stock levels with a variety of SaaS tools and a monster Excel for the planning. None of the tools I used were particularly good and in particular the planning in Excel was poor. I could totally see the need for a smart SaaS to do this, and so tried StockTrim.
As it happens, I had to order a couple of containers of weather stations this week for my NZ and UK stocks. These have long lead times and MOQs, and several years of sales data. This was a great opportunity to compare and contrast my existing spreadsheet vs StockTrim.
I am very pleased to say that the SKU I was looking at corresponded well. Moreover, another important SKU, with a high MOQ was flagged as needing restocking. This exposed an error and flaw in my spreadsheet and has potentially saved me running out of stock at Christmas!
This is fabulous validation of the concept. It works on my little business adding another positive CX data point.  I’m very excited! Have now subscribed!

Ivor Peksa - Scientific Sales





Smart AI algorithms continually update the recommendations, giving you real time accuracy to purchase your inventory with confidence.