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10 Ways StockTrim is Superior to Other Inventory Forecasting Methods

Posted by Dominic Sutton on Mar 25, 2019 5:26:23 PM

We often get inquiries off our website asking why StockTrim is superior to other inventory forecasting tools available.

Probably the key difference is that others don’t use Machine Learning/AI which is one of our key USP’s.  Here at StockTrim we are bringing this level of smart analytics to the SMB market. As a customer of StockTrim, you get this as a standard feature along with the following:

  • Better predictions around seasonality
  • Ability to predict demand for new products (without prior sales history)
  • Ability to change forecasts for expected growth / difference (eg: percentage increase for a promotion or new product range)
  • Ability to automatically set the lead time from Purchase Order history (no need to set manually)
  • Ability to forecast for different periods, other than the lead time, and run different scenarios.
  • More robust manufacturing features (ability to set demand for finished goods, then calculate the required amount for each component, based on different lead times)
  • More robust features for multiple suppliers & locations
  • Practical features to help with day-to-day use: min/max shelf level, MOQ’s, filtering of SKU’s based on fastest moving / most urgent / suppliers / days since last ordered
  • Easier manual integration (even without an API)

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