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10 Ways StockTrim is Superior to Other Inventory Forecasting Methods

May 12,2024

We often get inquiries off our website asking why StockTrim is superior to other inventory forecasting tools available.

Probably the key difference is that others don’t use Machine Learning/AI which is one of our key USP’s.  Here at StockTrim we are bringing this level of smart analytics to the SMB market. As a customer of StockTrim, you get this as a standard feature along with the following:

  • Better predictions around seasonality
  • Ability to predict demand for new products (without prior sales history)
  • Ability to change forecasts for expected growth / difference (eg: percentage increase for a promotion or new product range)
  • Ability to automatically set the lead time from Purchase Order history (no need to set manually)
  • Ability to forecast for different periods, other than the lead time, and run different scenarios.
  • More robust manufacturing features (ability to set demand for finished goods, then calculate the required amount for each component, based on different lead times)
  • More robust features for multiple suppliers & locations
  • Practical features to help with day-to-day use: min/max shelf level, MOQ’s, filtering of SKU’s based on fastest moving / most urgent / suppliers / days since last ordered
  • Easier manual integration (even without an API)

Should you wish to try our free two week trial (there is no need for a credit card to sign up) please go to https://go.stocktrim.com/account/register