Getting Started
With StockTrim



Step 1: Create your StockTrim account

Register for your free 14 day trial –


Step 2: Import data from your inventory management system

Follow the on screen instructions to import your inventory data. We need four main things:

  • Products data
  • Sales history
  • Bill of materials (optional – only required if you manufacture or build your products from raw components/ingredients)
  • Purchase orders (optional)

See the in-app help documentation for more detail


Step 3: Review the order plan

Review your top fastest moving, urgent orders, and most stagnant items. Bring up the demand analysis for a few key items and ensure that the forecasts look right. Adjust any settings, or fix any data as required to ensure that the forecasts are calculated accurately.


Step 4: Review custom settings

Under “Settings” in StockTrim, review all the features or custom parameters that you need to switch on/off depending on your specific business operation


Step 5: Ready to go

Allow 3 to 6 months for your inventory to eventually become balanced and optimal, then realise your savings – reducing working capital, ensuring you have enough stock on hand, and saving time planning your orders. Every time you place your orders, ensure StockTrim is updated with your latest data, and then place the required amounts as suggested on your order plan.