Maximise Sales with Smarter Retail Demand Forecasting and Planning

StockTrim brings you easy-to-understand dashboards & accurate demand forecasting and integrations to transform your retail business. Avoid stock-outs and upset customers by having the right products on hand in the right locations.  


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How StockTrim can help your Retail
Business scale operations

 As a retailer, the cost of getting a customer into your store is high, so it's extremely wasteful to lose them and the ongoing value that their repeat business offers when you can't provide adequate supply of products.
An abandoned basket or unhappy customer can cause reputation damage that can be difficult to recover from.

With StockTrim, ensure that the right products are available, in the right quantities and in the right locations.



retail forecasting software
retail forecasting and replenishment solutions
Forecast New Products

Be able to simulate sales volumes and purchasing requirements for new products or variants. StockTrim’s algorithms will take over and continue forecasting based on sales once enough real data is collected.

multi location inventory
Multi Locations

Plan stock level requirements in multiple locations, from one central inventory data source.

retail demand forecasting algorithms
Demand Forecasting

Forecast up to two years, but have flexibility for promotions, unusual events and wholesale orders.

purchasing forecast
Save Time In Purchasing

Our users save 10 hours per week on admin around purchasing and replenishment.

inventory forecasting for retail

StockTrim integrates with most popular E-Commerce and Cloud POS platforms

forecasting retail stock
Identify Slow Movers
Recognize and put on sale slow moving items to avoid obsolescence and unnecessary storage and holding costs
Intuitive Order Plan
Intuitive Order Plan

Easily see how much you need to order right now, so that you don’t get caught short, or accidentally order too much. No more time consuming calculations with forecasts, current stock levels, and supplier lead times.

Detailed Demand Analysis
Detailed Demand Analysis

Drill down to see the underlying demand patterns and order quantity calculations so you can be confident in predictions and ordering the right amount.



What our Retail Customers say





"Forecasting is extremely important - we were scaling up quickly. [You] don’t want to have a lot of money wrapped up in working capital. At the same time, you can’t go out of stock. It’s the perfect conundrum having the right amount of stock at the right time.!"

Diamond MMA

“StockTrim pointed it out – we needed ten times more in medium size and we can also see which bundles sell better. This is such useful information.  Our last order took me less than an hour, I don’t have to double check it every time. The price is very affordable for small business.”

Hungry Lion

Inventory planning gets ultra-critical. They need enough stock to carry them through to the next month. Any ordering mistakes can spell grumpy customers and hurt their month’s takings

Handrail Fittings

“The savings are not just time, but money as well because I am buying only what I need rather than overstocking ‘just in case’.   This has allowed me to expand my range of products and therefore expand my customer base as well.”




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