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Match Wholesale Demand
With Timely & Accurate Supply

With StockTrim's advanced demand planning by product, customer and location, you will be able to forecast and fulfill wholesale orders with absolute ease. Avoid service issues and reduce the cost of expedited freight by having the right stock at the right time to meet demand.


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Wholesale Inventory Forecasting Software



How StockTrim can help Wholesale
Businesses scale their operations

As a wholesaler, you’re dealing with large volumes of stock. If you struggle understand how to control your inventory, you'll end up with too much, too little, the wrong items, in the wrong place, possibly at the wrong time.
You’ll want to avoid overstocking and running out of stock as much as possible, as this affects costs and revenue.
You still need to meet your customer objectives while factoring in business profitability, and that’s where StockTrim is an essential tool.
StockTrim combines accuracy, affordability and ease of use to match supply with demand. 
inventory forecasting software
Customer Forecast
Customer Forecast

Analyse your wholesale customers sales and predict their future requirements. Measure this against what they tell you and adjust or discuss to avoid mismatched expectations.

Subs Assembly
Sub Assembly

If you assemble some products, StockTrims bill of materials algorithm will tell you exactly how many components you need form various suppliers to ship the parent SKU/product.

PO Management
PO Management
Automate purchase orders, just review StockTrims recommendations, click approve and send direct to supplier or automatically load into your IMS to send.
Multi Locations
Multi Locations

Plan stock level requirements in multiple locations, from one central inventory data source.

Variable Lead Times
Variable Lead Times

Configure your supplier lead time and recalculate the forecasts in real time to ensure you have enough to cover the time between placing orders and receiving your products.



What our Wholesale Distribution Customers say




Dermal Systems

"I can plug in our growth rate and if I place an order today, StockTrim will do its prediction and calculate 30% extra for the anticipated growth as well. That has been really cool because I love math, but this is ingenious math."

Barber Brands

“Both stock-outs and slow-moving stock are reducing with StockTrim. The trends are all going the right way.”

Steve Wilson
Mega Distribution

“Before StockTrim, we were either ordering way too much or not enough - it was hurting the business.  And rather than being a source of excitement, introducing new products was quickly becoming the hardest part of my role.”


StockTrim broke some misconceptions about our products and allowed us to focus on the products that we wanted to move on.”

Handrail Fittings

“StockTrim has been a lifesaver for me, a job I dreaded has become so much easier and I am confident that my stock numbers are now realistic and workable.  The time it now takes me to do my inventory check is about one hour compared to about 4 - 5 hours previously.”

37 South

Previously we have had no forecasting software and found that we were consistently running low on stock due to blind forecasting and doing it the old fashioned way. Now we have automated forecasts for all our stock, lead demands for stock arrival and forecasted stock outs which make ordering product extremely easy to see, long before it becomes an issue. Great app, thanks for all the help and time you've saved us.

Wholesale Sugar Flowers

If I look for other companies with the same capabilities at the same price point, there isn’t anything else out there.

Greenway Turf Solutions

“A lot of our growth has come from having the right product on the floor at the right time. We’ve been the one who’s been able to supply the market.”


"What I love most about StockTrim is how easy it is to use. We can now get an order done in a day, and that should reduce because of the trust I’m building in the programme and referring less to spreadsheets. Ideally, it would be one click and done."

Josh Kwanten
Operations Manager
Kiwi Hose

My business model says we can't say no, so that means I have to be fully stocked and obviously well-managed following on from that.

The Leisure Collective

“You upload sales data and stock on hand and within a few minutes it refreshes and tells you what you’re running out of and what you should re-order. It’s really useful for a company that has to keep track of certain items and it does your job for you.”

Elle Smith
Inventory Manager



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