Automate Inventory Control for Your Ecommerce Store 

If your business relies on ecommerce sales, you need an inventory planning tool that connects the dots between your sales and inventory recording channel and projects your stocking requirements now to fulfill future demand. Develop a competitive advantage by maintaining service levels and create raving fans that spread the word of your reliability.


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ecommerce inventory forecasting



How StockTrim can help Ecommerce
Businesses scale their operations


Stock-outs, also known as out-of-stocks, are among the most frustrating experiences for online shoppers.

Stock-outs create disappointment and frustration for the webstore owner as well.  In addition to lost sales and revenue, they can lead to missed opportunities to engage shoppers and potential damage to a retailer’s brand.

Utilise StockTrim to anticipate and avoid Stock-Outs, or buying too much of the wrong items to stock.



inventory forecasting software
ecommerce inventory forecasting
Forecast New Products

Simulate sales volumes and purchasing requirements for new products or variants. Once enough real data is collected, StockTrim's algorithms will take over and continue predicting based on sales.

ecommerce multi location
Multi Locations

Plan stock level requirements in multiple locations, from one central inventory data source.

inventory management module
Inventory Management Module

For those that need an Inventory Management feature to collect inventory data, StockTrim now comes with a basic Inventory Recording Module.

ecommerce forecasting apps
Leading Integrations
StockTrim integrates with the most popular E-Commerce and Cloud POS platforms.
ecommerce variant forecasting
Forecast By Variant

Easily forecast by variant (colour/size) and parent.

ecom inventory forecasting
Container Size & MOQ's

Order stock based on container sizes and minimum order quantities.

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Intuitive Order Plan

Easily see how much you need to order right now, so that you don’t get caught short, or accidentally order too much. No more time consuming calculations with forecasts, current stock levels, and supplier lead times.

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Detailed Demand Analysis

Drill down to see the underlying demand patterns and order quantity calculations so you can be confident in predictions and ordering the right amount.



What our Ecommerce Customers say





"Forecasting is extremely important - we were scaling up quickly. [You] don’t want to have a lot of money wrapped up in working capital. At the same time, you can’t go out of stock. It’s the perfect conundrum having the right amount of stock at the right time.!"

Angel Food

The options were to employ another person with more inventory planning experience, or find an inventory forecasting tool that could integrate with Cin7 and automate that part of the process. StockTrim filled the bill as it’s supported by Cin7, offers good value for money and “covers the basics really well".


What’s available through StockTrim now surpasses the tools and spreadsheets [we were using]. StockTrim looks at the finished product and number of assemblies and components. We can look at the individual product or item level to forecast 12 months ahead and can customise forecasts for each individual product.


“One data entry error when punching in the values in Excel had a detrimental impact on our ordering process.  With StockTrim, we have confidence in the accuracy of the information and insights that the software provides. The  transition from spreadsheet to StockTrim was  seamless and fool-proof.

Scientific Sales

“I used to use a monster spreadsheet for my e-commerce stock management. StockTrim makes it much easier, and adds some algorithms to predict demand based on previous sales, all drawn from Xero inventory.

In my first week of using it, it identified a stock-out risk that my spreadsheet missed allowing me to place an order.

Recently, I have been adjusting lead times to account for the pandemic-derived delays in sea freight giving me more realistic projections. Takes a couple of minutes with StockTrim, or about half a day in Excel.

Must have for e-commerce.”

Wholesale Sugar Flowers

When you think about bringing on more staff, adding more warehouse space, nothing works if the inventory management doesn’t work. I don’t think you can grow your business without something like StockTrim.




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