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For Stu Randell at Kiwi Hose & Hydraulics, StockTrim not only saves working capital but has become a core competitive advantage. They have built their business against much larger players by supplying fittings their competitors find hard to keep on their shelves. When a part breaks on a mining rig or dairy plant, Stu’s clients don’t want to wait 3 weeks for a part to be flown in from overseas. Some of these parts wouldn’t normally be stocked simply because they aren’t needed that much. By using StockTrims cloud-based software Kiwi Hose and Hydraulics know exactly what they need and can have the right part ready - ultimately saving their customers a lot of time, angst and money.

We are a New Zealand owned and operated small business and our niche market is handrail and footrail componentry - brass and stainless steel.  Our componentry is manufactured in China and it takes approximately 4 months from ordering to getting our stock delivered to our door.

In the beginning, it was easy enough to keep an eye on stock levels, I used to do it by eye.  Then as we grew, the job of monitoring what stock we had and forecasting what we might need in the next 4 - 6 months became a very difficult job needing hours of time looking through each item and it’s sales history to try and figure out what stock levels might be required in the future.

Then I received a phone call from Paul at StockTrim, asking me if I might be interested in his program which would do all of that inventory stuff for me.   I was sold immediately.

StockTrim has been a lifesaver for me, a job I dreaded has become so much easier and I am confident that my stock numbers are now realistic and workable.  The time it now takes me to do my inventory check is about one hour compared to about 4 - 5 hours previously.  The savings are not just time, but money as well because I am buying only what I need rather than overstocking ‘just in case’.   This has allowed me to expand my range of products and therefore expand my customer base as well.

StockTrim’s customer support is exceptional, any issues I have had in the early days were swiftly sorted out by Paul, who is always easily contacted.  

I highly recommend StockTrim as an inventory management system and intend using it for many years to come.

Shine Drink is an organic energy drinks manufacturer based in Sydney. They have a range of 5 – 10 drinks that they sell directly to customers through their own website and other e-commerce platforms (eg Shopify). These are manufactured in their own small warehouse.

Each of their drinks uses 20 – 30 different ingredients with different quantities for each.

Before using StockTrim Shine found it difficult to know how much of their raw ingredients to order to meet the demand for their finished drinks.  Not only that, they had to work out the time it takes from when an order was placed to when the ingredients would arrive, and then for the drinks to be manufactured ready to sell off the shelf.

They ended up having over-stocked ingredients that would sit on the shelf and go past their expiry date that had to be thrown out. They also had more popular ingredients that would go out of stock and hold up the manufacturing process and were unable to fulfil customer orders in time. It took their operations manager a lot of time to figure out how much to order and when.

StockTrim has helped them by forecasting the sales they will make for each of their drinks and then breaking this down into the orders that they need to place for each of the raw ingredients.

They have now been able to eliminate almost all wastage by having ‘just enough’ stock to meet demand. They have significantly fewer delays in their manufacturing by not going out of stock of popular ingredients as much.

The ease of use of the StockTrim app has helped them save a lot of time planning their orders. They use Cin7 to manage their inventory records, and with the one-click integration, it takes only 5 minutes to import the latest data to automatically make the forecasts and create the order plans.

Dolphin Pacific provides pool chemicals & equipment to pool shops and builders around NZ, based in Auckland.

They have a heavy seasonal trend since most people in NZ only use their pools in the summertime meaning their demand spikes a lot over the summer and drops significantly over the winter months.

Also, every year the product range changes, with new products coming on the market – eg: healthier chemicals, or new fashion pool components, colours, fittings etc. If old products are still sitting on the shelf from the previous year’s spikes they can be difficult to sell and often have to be sold for less than cost, which wastes money.

Before using StockTrim they found it difficult to know what products to order to make sure they had enough to meet the demand from builders over the busy summer months. If they didn’t have enough their customers would go elsewhere. They also had too many products that were over-ordered and ended up sitting on the shelf, taking up space & using capital over the quiet winter months.

Also, since a lot of their suppliers are overseas, it often takes several months for orders to arrive so they need to think ahead to pre-emptively order enough stock to meet the demand for the summer spikes. This was often done at the wrong time, missing deadlines or the wrong products were ordered.

StockTrim has helped them by predicting the demand for the seasonal trends and creating the order plans in advance so that the right products are ordered at the right time. They’ve had fewer stock-outs, and fewer over-ordered products wasting space on the shelf.

A special feature of StockTrim is that for new products without a sales history, you can link the demand models to similar products. Other systems on the market can’t predict sales for new products since there is no history. For example, if one chemical becomes obsolete, and is replaced with a new more environmentally friendly product, you’d expect the demand to be roughly the same. So, StockTrim will assume this and set the order recommendations for the new product. This helps remove a lot of uncertainty around how much to order for new products on the market that haven’t been sold before.

They use Unleashed to manage their inventory records, and with the one-click integrationit takes only 5 minutes to import the latest data to automatically make the forecasts and create the order plans.