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End Over-Stock, Stock-Outs
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StockTrim is a Bill of Materials (BOM) and inventory forecasting suite.

Avoid any downtimes with comprehensive inventory forecasts of raw materials, assemblies, subassemblies, parts, and components – plus the exact quantities needed for manufacturing.

Customers see a 700% ROI in the first year alone.

More efficiency. Accurate materials forecasting. Less wastage. 

StockTrim can also manage orders and create purchase orders for you, a helpful feature for fast-moving small businesses.



Wholesale Inventory Forecasting Software



Bill Of Materials Software (BOM)
& Forecasting Without Spreadsheets

StockTrim is an advanced BOM planning software that helps you forecast manufacturing parts, production and sales. You'll know when parts are available to keep your assembly process moving. Plus, you'll protect your business from production issues, excessive operating costs, and lost production time.
 Here's How StockTrim's Bill Of Materials Software Helps:

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Total Supply Chain Management & Inventory Control

Estimate future needs accurately, use previous data, demand patterns, and consumption trends. Streamline your procurement procedures while reducing excess inventory and stock-outs. StockTrim's Inventory control and forecasting software gives you real-time inventory levels. Find inventory turnover rates, slow-moving or obsolete items, and make informed decisions on stock adjustments and replenishment strategies.

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Simplify Production Planning & Product Lifecycle Management

Optimize resource allocation, plan efficient production runs, and avoid production bottlenecks caused by material shortages or excess inventory. Track raw material availability and components required for each stage of the product's lifecycle. Avoid delays, maintain consistent product quality, and manage changes in demand.

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Fill Gaps In Your Business Management Solution

Real-time inventory insights, process automation, and accurate forecasting give you end-to-end visibility over operations. Now decision-making and strategic planning are faster and easier. Integrate StockTrim with your ERP solution for comprehensive visibility and control over your operations, and coordinate procurement, production, and finance.
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Improve Quality Management

Accurately predict demand and proactively source materials that meet quality standards. StockTrim helps you minimize the risk of substandard or incompatible components, ensures consistent product quality, and reduces the likelihood of rework or product recalls.

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Get To Precise Financial Management

Make informed financial decisions with StockTrim's accurate cost tracking, improved cash flow management, and financial forecasting. Optimize inventory-related costs, reduce working capital requirements, and improve overall profitability.

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Control Capital Spent on Raw Materials

Reduce excess inventory, minimize carrying costs, improve cash flow, and control the capital invested in raw materials.


Advanced Bill of Materials Software Features


StockTrim is a cloud-based Bill of Materials software (BOM) that's accurate, affordable, and easy to use.

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View Built Products & Components
View Built Products & Components

For built products, you can expand the Bill of Materials (BOM) to see the details of every component – how much is used in assembly, the on-hand levels, forecasted amounts, and recommended stock levels. Similarly, for components you can drill all the way up to see the products and what components are used, with pristine detail.

View Multi-Level BOMs & Drill-downs
View Multi-Level BOMs & Drill-downs

For multiple level BOMs, you can expand each level to see each item's sub-assemblies and their sub-assemblies. This feature works both up and down the BOM hierarchy. Drill down on any parent sku to forecast all component parts in StockTrim.

Sub-Assembly Made Easy
Sub-Assembly Made Easy

StockTrim's Bill of Materials (BOM) algorithm tells you exactly how many components you need from various suppliers. You'll have a single source of truth for what you need to assemble your products.

Control Multi Locations & Lead Times
Control Multi Locations & Lead Times

Plan stock-level requirements from one central inventory data source in multiple locations. Configure your supplier lead time and recalculate the forecasts in real-time to ensure you have enough to cover the time between placing orders and receiving your products.

Forecast New Products & Customer Demand
Forecast New Products & Customer Demand

StockTrim is unique because it can even predict demand for new products without any sales history. Forecast and predict your customers' future requirements, and recommend order quantities.

Intuitive Order Plan & Automated Purchasing
Intuitive Order Plan & Automated Purchasing

No more time-consuming calculations with live forecasts, current stock levels, and supplier lead times. Then, automatically create purchase orders based on StockTrim's intelligent suggestions and either send them to your supplier or back them to your inventory system as part of a seamless workflow.



What Clients Say About StockTrim





“One data entry error when punching in the values in Excel had a detrimental impact on our ordering process.  With StockTrim, we have confidence in the accuracy of the information and insights that the software provides. The  transition from spreadsheet to StockTrim was  seamless and fool-proof.

Shoreline Truck Parts

“We’ve had some conversations about feeling more confident about where we’re at and being ready for our busy summer season. StockTrim has been a big factor in helping us with that.”

Angel Food

The options were to employ another person with more inventory planning experience, or find an inventory forecasting tool that could integrate with Cin7 and automate that part of the process. StockTrim filled the bill as it’s supported by Cin7, offers good value for money and “covers the basics really well".


What’s available through StockTrim now surpasses the tools and spreadsheets [we were using]. StockTrim looks at the finished product and number of assemblies and components. We can look at the individual product or item level to forecast 12 months ahead and can customise forecasts for each individual product.


"Forecasting is extremely important - we were scaling up quickly. [You] don’t want to have a lot of money wrapped up in working capital. At the same time, you can’t go out of stock. It’s the perfect conundrum having the right amount of stock at the right time.!"




Integrate Your Business Tools
Accurate Production Planning


StockTrim integrates seamlessly with inventory management, manufacturing, and e-commerce platforms.

Send purchase orders to your system (and manage the PO workflow there), or use StockTrim's workflow
to update your current inventory and Bill of Materials when the orders are received.

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