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How SMEs Can Prevent Consistent Stock-Keeping Errors Using StockTrim

Mar 31,2023

When operating a small business, it is vital to keep track of all inventory and records of every transaction in your business. According to the wasp barcode, 46% of SMEs either don't track inventory or use a manual method of stock-keeping. This can be detrimental to a business if it is not taken into consideration. 

Running a small business can sometimes be a lot of work. However, if you're still tracking inventory with spreadsheets or notes, then you're not only vulnerable to human error, but you could be making losses in the process. To prevent these errors, keep proper track of your inventory, and keep up with the changing business environment, your company needs to be equipped with one of the best stock control software automation tools. 

Why should you use StockTrim for your business?

Over the years, inventory planning and demand forecasting have become more important because a sloppy inventory system can cause severe setbacks to the business's overall functioning. This is where a cloud-based small business inventory software such as StockTrim comes into play.

StockTrim is a plug and play revolutionary inventory planning and forecasting software that uses machine learning to analyze your available data and predict demand for new products without any sales history. Some of the important reasons you need StockTrim for your business includes:

  • Accuracy: One of the most essential benefits of utilizing StockTrim for your inventory planning is that it decreases the excess inventory your business has on ground, while enhancing its order accuracy. With StockTrim, proper inventory management becomes more effortless, and this enables you to understand exactly how much inventory you need to make available. It will also assist you in avoiding deficits and allow you to keep just the right amount of stock in the warehouse.
  • Saves Time and Cost: Inventory planning software makes it simple to save time and minimize labor costs. This is because as you automate the tedious and time wasting activities, you free-up resources so you or your employees can spend time on more tangible activities. Also, by streamlining your demand planning processes, you do not only stand to get rid of human error, but you can also take advantage of further cost-savings.
  • Planning and Forecasting: StockTrim has more features than only tracking your inventory and when you should reorder it. It also serves as a data collection system utilized to create the required strategic planning and forecasting reports. As a small business, this would enable you to intelligently plan for growth and how to best manage your cash flow resources.
  • Data Security: The safety of important information is secured when cloud-based inventory management software is used. According to Entrepreneur, 58% of small businesses experience a data breach, while about 70% experience cybersecurity attacks. Using StockTrim, your data is securely kept in the cloud and there wouldn’t be any need to backup your data on storage devices. Whenever changes are made, they are saved automatically, and security is managed through regular updates to prevent cyber attacks.

How to implement StockTrim into your business

There is no point in having one of the latest and most efficient tools if it is difficult to operate or cumbersome for your staff to use. Implementing StockTrim is an easy and cost-effective way to facilitate the automation process and to improve operational efficiency across the workplace. Reading further, you'll understand how to implement StockTrim into your business with ease.

Once you order one of the available plans here, StockTrim is intelligently programmed to examine and analyze your optimal inventory levels. After placing your order, you'll make sure your suggested orders are highlighted in red to keep you in stock, while ensuring your adequately stocked items are highlighted in green. What's more, with the help of this video, you can seamlessly learn more about inventory optimization for your business using StockTrim. 


Getting StockTrim inventory software is a genuine need for any business. This is because if you have control over your inventory, you definitely have effective control over your production's most essential aspects. StockTrim will enable you to control costs and help you save money by keeping in check wastages. In addition to that, you will love how organized your business becomes once you have implemented the best stock-keeping software for your business.