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How Does StockTrim Work with QuickBooks Commerce (formerly TradeGecko)

Jun 23,2024

QuickBooks Commerce (renamed from TradeGecko after being acquired by Intuit in 2020) is inventory management software for SMEs.

StockTrim is cloud-based, inventory forecasting software that integrates with tools like QuickBooks Commerce to optimise inventory. 

So how do they speak to each other?

StockTrim reads the following data from QuickBooks Commerce
  • Products info (including current stock level)
  • Sales history
  • Purchase order history
  • Locations
  • Suppliers

The system then uses this data to do intelligent analysis, generate a demand forecast and suggest optimal order quantities. Simple.

StockTrim creates draft and approved purchase orders based on these quantities and suppliers. 

Next, StockTrim sends the purchase order to QuickBooks Commerce, where the rest of the workflow is managed (e.g. sending and receiving). 

So the integration is 2 fold:

-> READ the inventory data and automatically analyse it to create the optimal purchase order suggestions

-> SEND purchase orders to QuickBooks Commerce to be actioned. 

If you'd like to sign up for a 14-day free trial and integrate your QuickBooks Commerce account with StockTrim, there's no credit card required - simply click here and get started.