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1 November 2021

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Jun 23,2024
  • Speed improvements for the order plan, demand analysis.
  • Expected growth figure can now be bulk updated via CSV per SKU
  • Customer added to bulk forecast csv upload – you can now bulk import forecasts per customer, location and SKU
  • Ability to sum manual customer forecasts – when adding manual forecasts for specific customers, this will now be summed up on the total item and take precedence when the value is higher. This is ideal if you already have specific orders from your customers, that are different than your current trends, and want to calculate how much to order from your suppliers to ensure delivery on time.
  • BOM circular reference anomaly detection – if you have made a mistake setting up your BOM that includes circular references, this will now be automatically detected and removed by the system. For example if you have accidentally listed a product as a component of itself, or if a finished good is listed as a component of one if its own components, the system will still be able to calculate your forecasts, without showing an error which can be difficult to track down.
  • The order plan export now has the monthly forecasts for customer specific forecasts