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31 August 2019

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Feb 19,2024

New demand analysis - New forecast engine - Monthly forecasts (Beta version)

  • Ability to see previous months sales by month in graphical format
  • Ability to see future months forecasts in graphical format
  • Ability to override future monthly forecasts when demand will be different from historical trends
  • Select your preferred forecast model, per Sku, with optional seasonality, growth p/a, lead time, and relevant sales history period, run different scenarios to see your lead demand, optimal order quantity, and replenishment due date changes in real time
  • Auto forecast model – improved AI to select the best demand model for each item
  • Ability to see tabular sales history per Sku, with a breakdown of each location & which finished good it was sold in (for components/manufactured items)
  • Ability to include / exclude sales orders from the history when calculating forecasts

This feature is still in Beta mode – please let us know if you would like to trial this feature and we will enable it on your account

demand forecasting analysis

forecast and demand analysis

demand planning analysis

More system speed and stability 

  • Dashboard and order plans load faster
  • System performance overnight NZ time, nightly automatic updates are running and is stable for all users