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5 April 2019

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May 12,2024

Editable lead time for locations

You can now have different lead times and forecast periods for each location / warehouse to predict the stock you’ll need separately at each location.

Expected future order time period

You now have the ability to extend the manual demand feature set, by applying specific time periods for overridden demand, with optimal order points along the way. For example, if you’re doing an advertising campaign, and expect an increase of demand over the next 3 months, and your supplier lead time is only 2 weeks, the system will show you the optimal order quantities every 2 weeks, to meet your demand over the whole 3 months.

Performance enhancements

Calculating demand for large bills of materials will be much faster.

Configurable default lead time

Configure whether your lead time is automatically calculated from each product’s purchase order history, or whether it defaults to your supplier’s lead time or an overall default.

More fields to CSV import

You can now import or bulk update supplier product codes, min/max shelf levels, and minimum order quantities via the CSV import.