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Gaining a fully optimized inventory has never been easier or more affordable. 

90% of spreadsheets used for inventory forecasting contain errors, resulting in costly mistakes in your supply chain.

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Reduced stock-outs by 50%
reduce over-stocking
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reduce time inventory forecasting
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Gain a competitive

Turn your inventory knowledge and foresight gained via StockTrim into a competitive advantage.

See clearly what your future inventory needs are and only have on hand what you require to fulfil orders.

Utilize saved cashflow, time and profit in other areas of your business.

StockTrim has powerful capabilities for optimizing inventory levels, calculating safety stocks, and generating the most optimal purchase order plans. 

"55.73% of supply chain executives are willing to increase investment in productive planning and demand forecasting in 2021" (Statista)

How does StockTrim fit in to the S&OP ecosystem?

Inventory Management
Inventory Forecasting

StockTrim easily integrates with some of the most popular Inventory Management, Accounting, POS & E-Commerce software in the world. If we don't have an integration it's easy to connect via the StockTrim API.


Easy To Read Dashboards



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Easily see what areas  to focus on for immediate ordering and over-stocks. Have a clear summary of your inventory at a glance with our scrolling dashboard. 




inventory forecasting template



Easily see how much you need to order right now, so that you don’t get cut short, or accidentally order too much. No more time consuming calculations with forecasts, current stock levels, and supplier lead times.





inventory forecasting software
Intuitive Order Plan
Intuitive Order Plan

Easily see how much you need to order right now, so that you don’t get caught short, or accidentally order too much. No more time consuming calculations with forecasts, current stock levels, and supplier lead times.

Detailed Demand Analysis
Detailed Demand Analysis

Drill down to see the underlying demand patterns and order quantity calculations so you can be confident in predictions and ordering the right amount.

Re-order Schedule
Re-order Schedule

StockTrim will create a schedule of future stock levels, and future expected supplier order suggestions, at a customizable order frequency, to give you visibility about predicted upcoming orders, in addition to current order requirements. This allows you to make supplier orders in advance or give suppliers a heads up about upcoming requirements

Forecast Groups

Forecast the totals for any category, product range, or customizable group of products, so that you can easily assess the total trend per category, understand your total expected revenue per category. You can also manage the transition between discontinued products and their replacements, to forecast the order requirements for new products.

Most Profitable Ranking

Rank your most profitable products so that you can further optimize your inventory to ensure that these items, which most heavily influence your bottom line, always have sufficient stock and are prioritized.

AI/Machine Learning

StockTrim's inventory forecasting uses machine learning to optimize inventory management. The process involves collecting historical data, pre-processing it, selecting and estimating appropriate models and evaluating their performance. This approach helps businesses predict future inventory levels accurately, optimize reorder points, and avoid stockouts or overstocking. StockTrim's technology democratizes advanced inventory forecasting, making it accessible to small and medium-sized businesses with affordable subscriptions.

Manufacturing Features
Manufacturing Features

See the forecasted demand for your finished product and translate that into the required orders for each component or ingredient. StockTrim even handles multi-level Bills of Materials with ease.

Variable Lead Times
Variable Lead Times

Configure your supplier lead time and recalculate the forecasts in real time to ensure you have enough to cover the time between placing orders and receiving your products.

Multiple Locations
Multiple Locations

Plan how much inventory you need to order for each of your stores or warehouses.

Ability To Forecast New Products
Ability To Forecast New Products

StockTrim is unique in that it can even predict demand for new products without any sales history.

Customer Forecasts
Customer Forecasts

Forecast and predict your customers future requirements, and recommend order quantities to them.

Automated Purchasing
Automated Purchasing

Automatically create purchase orders, based on StockTrim's intelligent suggestions, and then either send them to your supplier, or send them back to your inventory system as part of a seamless workflow.

Measurable ROI

For any software tool, the key metric is Return on Investment.

StockTrim will alert you to any inventory issues, allowing you to make changes before costly errors materialise in your supply chain. 
Average ROI

 *hard dollar ROI of 700+ percent average in the first year alone, normally growing with time.

We averaged all our client data and found the following:


 $20,000 p.a saved in time costs

 $750,000 in cashflow increase 
$350,000 retained in profit via more sales and less wastage
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Avoid unhappy buyers, missed sales opportunities or expedited freight costs by having the right products in the right place at the right time.

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Avoid SLOB (slow moving & obsolete) stock by only buying what you will sell. SLOB stock kills your cashflow and takes up warehouse space.



StockTrim is based on industry standards
best practices in inventory planning

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You are most likely an expert in your field but may be new to inventory planning, and are conscious that your planning practices & techniques are not as good as they could be.

We've put huge effort into understanding a variety of businesses in many industries and now have the best automated software package that helps SMBs achieve best practice in inventory forecasting and replenishment.




Get in on the action.

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Join a team who actually care about your business
Barber Brands

“Both stock-outs and slow-moving stock are reducing with StockTrim. The trends are all going the right way.”

Steve Wilson
Futures Fins

“What I love most about StockTrim is how easy it is to use. We can now get an order done in a day, and that should reduce because of the trust I’m building in the programme and referring less to spreadsheets. Ideally, it would be one click and done.”

Josh Kwanten
Operations Manager
Kiwi Hose & Hydraulics

"My business model says we can't say no to customers, so that means I have to be fully stocked and obviously well-managed following on from that.  We have turned our ability to predict the right amount of stock into a competitive advantage thanks to StockTrim"

Diamond MMA

“StockTrim pointed it out – we needed ten times more in medium size and we can also see which bundles sell better. This is such useful information.  Our last order took me less than an hour, I don’t have to double check it every time. The price is very affordable for small business.”

Hungry Lion

“The main benefit is it's easy to implement and use. Inventory planning system that has brought in forecasting which is quite automated, but also allows easy user changes and can manage supply for you.”

Dermal Systems

“StockTrim is very intuitive to use, it's clearly laid out and it gets better with every update. Sometimes I think they might be reading my mind, as in I want the button two inches to the left, and there it is!”

Angel Foods

“I found StockTrim easy and enjoyable to use. It’s a third-party software so there’s nothing you can do that affects your accounting numbers or sales to customers, so I felt pretty safe having a play.”

Times 7

"StockTrim’s an essential ingredient for any manufacturer with a complex product line."


Jos Kunnen
The Baron

“Bang on as far as demand forecasting.  And it removes the headache of uncertainty.”

37 South

“Previously we have had no forecasting software and found that we were consistently running low on stock due to blind forecasting and doing it the old fashioned way. Now we have automated forecasts for all our stock, lead demands for stock arrival and forecasted stock outs which make ordering product extremely easy to see, long before it becomes an issue. 

Great app, thanks for all the help and time you've saved us. 

Wholesale Sugar Flowers

When I’ve needed support StockTrim have been great, with response times within day. Given the different time zones in New Zealand and the US, I sometimes wonder if they sleep!

Greenway Turf Solutions

From discussions with our warehouses and sales reps, they’ve got confidence in StockTrim. Every time I go to them with a proposal, they say go with what StockTrim is telling you. I can’t see any reason why we wouldn’t use it going forward.

The Leisure Collective

“You upload sales data and stock on hand and within a few minutes it refreshes and tells you what you’re running out of and what you should re-order. It’s really useful for a company that has to keep track of certain items and it does your job for you.”

Elle Smith
Inventory Manager
Pave Tool

“I’ve dealt with other companies, and it can be very difficult to expect good response times, and a lot of companies charge for this. That’s huge to us.”

Phil Bahler

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