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About Us


Let's be honest, demand forecasting and order planning can be a boring business activity. The vision with StockTrim is to be so simple and loveable that it engages with people at an emotional level and guides them through the process effortlessly. We aim to make inventory planners lives much more bearable, and save business owners a lot of working cashflow, time and lost opportunities!

Why we are here

The team at StockTrim saw how many businesses still relied on people manually reading software-generated reports to make decisions, and their software was usually technically ‘dumb but pretty’ database front-ends that only record and display information, but don’t intelligently do anything with it. In that we saw opportunity for intelligent software that also reads and understands the data to show people the best decisions and actions.

Inventory planning is just one area, but there are many other applications. After studying hard how to develop the algorithm and cloud software we officially launched in early 2017.


We quickly won the Innovate 2017 Award, and have since gone on to be finalists in numerous other awards. 

We now serve SMB’s in a variety of sectors all over the world. Helping business owners get control of their stock and make business easier is a true passion of ours.