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Four Types of Productivity & How Your Business Can Improve Them Today

Jul 14,2024

Productivity comes in several flavours, each crucial for the smooth operation and success of a business. Here are the four main types of productivity and how inventory forecasting software can give each a friendly boost:

  1. Labour Productivity

    This measures how much work gets done in an hour. Imagine if your team could spend less time analysing spreadsheets and more time doing other high payoff activities That's where inventory forecasting software shines. It predicts exactly what you need and when, slashing the time spent on mundane, repetitive tasks managing inventory levels. This not only makes your team happier but also reduces mistakes and amps up their productivity.

    inventory planning software

  2. Capital Productivity

    This is all about the bang you get for your buck. Capital stuck in surplus stock is like money sleeping in a warehouse. Inventory planning & demand forecasting software helps wake it up by keeping just the right amount of stock on hand—no more, no less. This frees up capital for investments that can really grow your business, enhancing your returns and making your capital work harder.

  3. Material Productivity

    This one looks at how efficiently you use your materials. No one likes waste, and inventory forecasting software is a great tool for fighting it. By aligning your material orders with actual demand, the software ensures you use every bit as effectively as possible, minimizing waste and reducing costs. Plus, it’s good for the planet!

  4. Total Factor Productivity (TFP)

    Think of TFP as the overall efficiency of your production process. Inventory forecasting software boosts TFP by smartly managing all aspects of inventory—from timing orders to optimizing stock levels. This means you get more out, without putting more in. It’s about working smarter, not harder.

demand planning software
With inventory forecasting software, businesses can not only streamline their operations and cut down on costs but also boost their productivity in a big way. It’s a smart move for any company looking to get ahead! To see plenty of examples please check out these case studies https://www.stocktrim.com/blog/tag/customer-stories


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