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11 March 2019

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May 12,2024

Expected future orders

You now have the ability to override or enhance StockTrim’s forecasts based on expected changes in future demand. For example, if you are running a promotion and expect to sell 20% more items, you can specify this so the forecasts will increase by the required amount above the historical trend. You can also completely override the forecasts to calculate your optimal order quantities – and for manufactured items this will even filter through to forecast the quantities needed for all components.

Manufacturing time

You can now add manufacturing time to built items. This will increase the forecast period to ensure you have enough stock to cover both your supplier lead time and your own manufacturing time.

CSV imports matching to API loads

You can now import additional sales history and BOM data from CSV files that will match products previously imported from an API. This is ideal if you’ve recently started using a product like Unleashed or Cin7, and your sales history is in another system. You’ll now be able to easily import this into StockTrim so the forecasts will be able to use this data for trend modelling.