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11 September 2023

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Jul 14,2024

Multi select filter options for category, location, and supplier

On the order plan, when filtering you can now select multiple options and combinations for category, location, and supplier. This makes it easier when you want to search for more than one of each of these at a time, without showing all items, or having to search one-by-one.

Easier to edit purchase order quantities

When editing a purchase order, you can now simply press the down arrow to edit & save each line item. Instead of clicking edit, highlighting the value, updating it, and pressing save, you can now rapidly update large numbers of lines at a time – pressing the down key automatically saves the current item, then highlights and moves the edit cursor to the next line.

Auto-create of location specific purchase orders

When automatically creating a purchase order from the order plan in StockTrim, if you are viewing a location specific order plan the system will now take this into account and create a separate purchase order for this location (or add these items to an existing purchase order for the location).

Minimum order quantity and batch size added to order plan export

When exporting to excel/csv, the minimum order quantity and batch size data is now included as extra columns.

Ability to configure whether finished good sales history is included with a component

Generally, when calculating the demand forecast for a component, the system will look at the finished goods sales history and multiply by the BOM (bill of materials) quantity to calculate the effective usage to base the forecasts on. However, some users already record the effective usage in their IMS against the components, which would cause duplicate sales history and an inaccurate forecast. You can now configure whether to include or exclude this calculated usage.

Odoo and Finale integrations

We now integrate with both Odoo and Finale inventory systems, so anyone using these for their inventory management can now easily integrate with StockTrim to get all the benefits of our powerful demand forecasting and order planning.