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19 May 2022

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Jun 23,2024

Purchase order module improvements

Based on suggestions we’ve made some improvements to the purchase order module in StockTrim to make it even easier to create your optimal purchase orders.

  • Purchase order item totals: On the purchase order view and create screens you can how see the total quantity of all items (instead of just the number of Sku line items). This will allow you to manage total Sku quantity limits from your supplier.
  • Line items tables sortable: The purchase order line items tables are now sortable, to make it easier to find items for large purchases.

These are available under the “Manage Purchases” area in StockTrim.

Order plan now available via the API

You can now read or “GET” the order plan via the API. Until recently the API was used only for sending data to StockTrim, and the forecasts, order plan, and optimal order quantity suggestions were available through the UX or exportable via CSV.

You can now read these via the API so you can develop micro services to send these to your purchase order management system, or warehouse management system.

Your developer team can access and see the documentation for this under your StockTrim account in https://go.stocktrim.com/Help