21 May 2019

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      May 24,2022

      Multi-location support for csv imports

      You can now import location specific product and sales data so that you can forecast and create order plans for each of your warehouses, branches, or outlet stores via CSV

      Cin7 speed enhancements

      It’s now three times faster to import & refresh data from Cin7

      More intelligence around lead times, suppliers, and minimum order quantities

      The system can now automatically set your default lead times, default suppliers, and minimum order quantities for each product based on your purchase order history. This is much easier than having to manually set this data on each item.

      More comprehensive export

      More data will be included in the csv export. More information about your sales history for each item, your min/max stock levels, different forecast periods, cost and value data.

      Bulk update

      The ability to bulk update lead times, forecast periods, suppliers, and product categories.