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22 September 2022

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Jul 14,2024

Usability updates

  • When updating a product’s location data, the system will now match on Location Code as well as Location Name.
  • Ability to bulk update and bulk remove MOQ, Min shelf level, and Max shelf level with a CSV file.
  • Automatic variant updates - when updating a parent product, you can now configure whether to apply the settings to all variants in the group. This will save a lot of manual work in updating each variant (eg size / colour) with the same values one-by-one.
  • Forecast period, and Forecast Period Demand fields are now included in the order plan CSV export.

API updates

  • StockTrim will now sync with the "Pack Size" from Unleashed, into StockTrim's Batch Size field. This will mean that order quantities will be topped up to the correct size as specified by supplier or manufacturer.
  • StockTrim's API now supports reading the order plan via our API. You can now develop connectors that read the calculated optimal order quantity suggestions, forecasts, and more, then send them to any system you wish. 

Coming soon

  • API integrations with 4 new E-Commerce platforms:
  • Square Inventory
  • Woo Commerce
  • Big Commerce
  • Zoho Inventory