3 July 2019

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      May 24,2022

      TradeGecko API

      StockTrim is now able to integrate with TradeGecko in one click. Simply press ‘Load from TradeGecko’, enter your credentials, then behind the scenes StockTrim will magically read your products, sales history, and other data, to come up with your demand forecasts & optimal order plans.

      Multi-location manufacturing support

      If manufacturing happens at multiple locations, you can now use StockTrim to calculate the optimal stock level of each component to send to each location so that the manufacturing always has enough on hand.

      System stability

      We’ve implemented better managing/detection of duplicate data from multiple uploads, faster uploading & importing. We’ve also introduced more configuration & automation around supplier-sku linking – ensure that your supplier specific order plans show the correct SKUs, based on either your purchase order history, or how they are configured in Unleashed, Cin7, TradeGecko, or your CSV import.