4 December 2019

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      May 24,2022

      Demand analysis features now live (no longer beta)

      Breakdown of sales history also now live

      Variant grouping & drill-down

      Items with variant SKUs (e.g.: different sizes or colours) can now be grouped together or shown individually. Easily see the total forecasts for a product range, as well as the total suggested order quantity. Then, drill down to see the forecasts for each size, colour, or other variant, so that you can easily plan your orders in more detail. 

      Upgrades to forecast engine

      Based on analysis of many users real data we’ve upgraded the forecast engine to be even more accurate. Seasonality will be automatically applied in a more practical way, taking into account general trends and ignoring one-off periods in your sales history. Items with sporadic demand (e.g.: large orders only 2 – 3 times per year) can now be forecasted.