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End Over-stock, Stock-outs
& Lost Sales Orders

StockTrim is a precise control hub to plan your inventory.

Plan, track, forecast, fulfil orders, pinpoint service issues, reduce freight costs, and free up working capital – all inside one inventory planning software.

On average, clients achieve a 700% ROI in the first year alone.

$20,000 p.a. saved in time costs
$750,000 in cash flow increases 
$350,000 retained profit

More sales and less wastage.




Wholesale Inventory Forecasting Software



Inventory Planning & Forecasting Without Spreadsheets

StockTrim is an advanced inventory planning software that helps you track inventory, plan and forecast – easily.
Precise asset tracking, shipment tracking, order fulfilment and forecasts 
Unlock the power of built-in machine learning for smarter inventory planning
Get a snapshot of all your important numbers in a colour-coded dashboard 
Quickly readjust your forecast with real-time trend analysis
Transform ‘trapped’ capital into working capital
Compare predicted vs actual demand fast
StockTrim can also manage orders and create purchase orders for you – a helpful feature for fast-moving small businesses.
Avoid SLOB (slow moving & obsolete) stock, and only buy what you NEED. 

Advanced Inventory Planning Features


StockTrim is a cloud-based inventory planning system that is accurate, affordable and easy to use.
inventory forecasting software
Customer Sales Forecasting
Customer Sales Forecasting

Analyse sales and predict future inventory levels and requirements. Measure this against qualitative data to match your future stock levels to demand expectations.

Sub-Assembly Made Easy
Sub-Assembly Made Easy

StockTrim's bill of materials algorithm tells you exactly how many components you need from various suppliers. You'll have a single source of truth for what need to assemble your products.

Set & Forget Purchase Orders
Set & Forget Purchase Orders
Review StockTrim's recommendations, click approve and send direct to the supplier or automatically load into your IMS to send off.
Multi-Location Inventory tracking
Multi-Location Inventory tracking

Plan stock-level requirements from multiple warehouses to one central inventory tracking data source in multiple locations.

Recalculate Forecasts In Real Time
Recalculate Forecasts In Real Time

Get critical low stock alerts, and recalculate forecasts in real-time to manage inventory in the time gap between placing orders and receiving products.



What Clients Say About StockTrim





"What I love most about StockTrim is how easy it is to use. We can now get an order done in a day, and that should reduce because of the trust I’m building in the programme and referring less to spreadsheets. Ideally, it would be one click and done."

Josh Kwanten
Operations Manager
The Leisure Collective

“You upload sales data and stock on hand and within a few minutes it refreshes and tells you what you’re running out of and what you should re-order. It’s really useful for a company that has to keep track of certain items and it does your job for you.”

Elle Smith
Inventory Manager
Dermal Systems

"I can plug in our growth rate and if I place an order today, StockTrim will do its prediction and calculate 30% extra for the anticipated growth as well. That has been really cool because I love math, but this is ingenious math."




Integrate Your Business Tools
For Accurate Inventory Planning

StockTrim integrates seamlessly with most inventory management and e-commerce platforms.

Send purchase orders to your system (and manage the PO workflow there), or use StockTrim’s workflow
to update your current inventory quantities when the orders are received.

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