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Inventory System
Management Software
End Over-Stock, Stock-Outs
& Lost Sales Orders

Introducing StockTrim

Plan, track, forecast, fulfill orders, pinpoint service issues, reduce freight costs, and free up working capital – all inside one efficient inventory forecasting software.

On average, clients achieve a 700% ROI in the first year alone.

$20,000 p.a. saved in time costs
$750,000 in cash flow increases 
$350,000 retained profit

More sales and less wastage.



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Complete Inventory System Management
 No Spreadsheets Required


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Smart Inventory Control

StockTrim is an advanced inventory management solution that helps you track inventory and plan and forecast the future.

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Simple Order Management

Plug StockTrim's demand forecasting tools into your warehouse management system (WMS) for timely insights, orders, and quantities required.

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Handle Your Complex Supply Chain

Quickly readjust your forecast with real-time trend analysis, and transform 'trapped' capital into working capital.
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Holistic Warehouse Management

Get a snapshot of all your important numbers in a color-coded dashboard with precise asset tracking, shipment tracking, order fulfillment, and forecasts. 
Avoid SLOB (slow-moving & obsolete) stock, and only buy what you NEED. 


Inventory System Management Features


StockTrim is a cloud-based inventory planning system that is accurate, affordable and easy to use.

inventory forecasting software
Customer Sales Forecasting
Customer Sales Forecasting

Analyze sales and predict future inventory levels and requirements. Measure this against qualitative data to match your future stock levels to demand expectations.

Sub-Assembly Made Easy
Sub-Assembly Made Easy

StockTrim's bill of materials algorithm tells you exactly how many components you need from various suppliers. You'll have a single source of truth for assembling your products.

Set & Forget Purchase Orders
Set & Forget Purchase Orders

Review StockTrim's recommendations, click approve and send direct to the supplier or automatically load into your IMS to send off.

Multi-Location Inventory Tracking
Multi-Location Inventory Tracking

Use advanced reporting to plan stock-level requirements from multiple warehouses to one central inventory tracking data source in multiple locations and achieve an efficient inventory management system and process.

Recalculate Forecasts In Real Time
Recalculate Forecasts In Real Time

Get critical low stock alerts, and recalculate forecasts in real-time to manage inventory in the time gap between placing orders and receiving products with our inventory software.



What Clients Say About StockTrim





“One data entry error when punching in the values in Excel had a detrimental impact on our ordering process.  With StockTrim, we have confidence in the accuracy of the information and insights that the software provides. The  transition from spreadsheet to StockTrim was  seamless and fool-proof.

Shoreline Truck Parts

“We’ve had some conversations about feeling more confident about where we’re at and being ready for our busy summer season. StockTrim has been a big factor in helping us with that.”

Angel Food

The options were to employ another person with more inventory planning experience, or find an inventory forecasting tool that could integrate with Cin7 and automate that part of the process. StockTrim filled the bill as it’s supported by Cin7, offers good value for money and “covers the basics really well".


What’s available through StockTrim now surpasses the tools and spreadsheets [we were using]. StockTrim looks at the finished product and number of assemblies and components. We can look at the individual product or item level to forecast 12 months ahead and can customise forecasts for each individual product.


"Forecasting is extremely important - we were scaling up quickly. [You] don’t want to have a lot of money wrapped up in working capital. At the same time, you can’t go out of stock. It’s the perfect conundrum having the right amount of stock at the right time.!"




Integrate Your Business Tools
Accurate Inventory Planning


StockTrim integrates seamlessly with your best inventory management systems, e-commerce platforms and enterprise resource planning solutions.

Send purchase orders to your system (and manage the PO workflow there), or use StockTrim’s workflow
to update your current inventory quantities when the orders are received.

Try StockTrim FREE
Track Your Inventory
& Start Forecasting Today

Try StockTrim at no risk or obligation.

Test the tools, find hidden opportunities, and optimize your inventory – entirely at our expense for 14 full days.

You’ll see why most customers free up to 40% in working capital.

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