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StockTrim Feature - Bill of Materials Drill Down

Apr 22,2024

Manufacturers can drill down to see complete visibility of an item’s bill of materials.

View Components

For built products, you can expand the BOM to see the details of every component – how much is used in assembly, as well as the on hand levels, forecasted amounts, and recommended stock levels. You can also edit the properties & see the demand analysis of each component from this same view.

image (1)-1

View built products

Similarly, for components you can drill all the way up to see the products that these are used in and see the same details for each product.

image (2)-2

View multi-level BOMs

For multiple level BOM’s, you can expand each level to see each item’s sub-assemblies, and their sub-assemblies, and so on. Works both up, and down the BOM hierarchy.

image (3)

image (4)