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20 January 2021

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Apr 22,2024

Major upgrade of UX

We’ve redesigned all screens in the app. For a more comprehensive description of the changes, read A new year, a new look. What's different about StockTrim in 2021? on our blog.

  • The navigation bar has been moved to the left-hand-side to accommodate more options including FAQ and settings. The settings page has been revamped.

  • The dashboard now shows the top 10 items in each category (fastest moving, most urgent, most stagnant).

  • The order plan has a new filter layout. We've also frozen column headers so you can continue to see them while scrolling, and additionally in-line editing has been restricted so that all edits must be done in the demand analysis screen.

  • Demand analysis has a number of improvements, including:

    • Extended forecasting range of 24 months into the past and future.

    • The inclusion of more help tooltips everywhere, indicated by the ? icon.

    • An intuitive layout with adjustable parameters to see how they affect your forecasts.

    • Service Level is now adjustable per SKU rather than a global setting.

    • A new batch/container sizes feature that will automatically top up your order to the nearest multiple of the required size.

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