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9 September 2021

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May 12,2024

StockTrim location drill down

You can now drill down on locations per-item on the order plan, to have an easier and more user-friendly visibility over where your stock is located, and the forecasts & order quantities per location per item.

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StockTrim customer forecasts

Forecast and predict your customers future requirements, and recommend order quantities to them.

  • Ensure that you have enough stock on hand to meet your customers’ future requirements
  • Ensure your customers have enough stock on hand to meet their requirements, without ordering excess
  • Gain your customers respect as a valued supplier by help each of each of them optimize their inventory.

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Shopify Integration Update Now Live

Multi location support
You can now easily make location specific forecasts and order plans with the StockTrim Shopify integration. In addition to the overall forecasts and optimal order amounts from your suppliers, you can also predict how much of each product to keep and transfer between each of your stores or branches.

You can read more in our blog post about:

    • Product Variants
    • Integration With Purchase Orders
    • Updating of Inventory Levels Back Into Shopify.

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