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StockTrim’s Shopify Integration Gets a Major Upgrade

Jun 23,2024

Shopify is one of the worlds largest e-commerce platforms, and many retailer are using it to sell online. But what online sellers are finding is that they are struggling to ensure they have enough stock to meet demand. Stock-outs are are lost sales opportunities and often a very bad experience for the customer. Likewise it can be a problem ordering too much stock, as it may go out of popularity, expire, or generally just be difficult to store. Plus it sucks cashflow, which many rapidly expanding online companies desperately need.

The need for inventory optimization and effective inventory planning automation is now becoming a greater focus.

To help online retailers, StockTrim has upgraded our integration with Shopify to include:

Multi location support

You can now easily make location specific forecasts and order plans with the StockTrim Shopify integration. In addition to the overall forecasts and optimal order amounts from your suppliers, you can also predict how much of each product to keep and transfer between each of your stores or branches.

Easily import your location specific products, inventory, and sales data into StockTrim from Shopify, and let StockTrim create your location specific forecasts & order plans for you.

Product Variants

You can now import product groups and variants from Shopify into StockTrim to give you better visibility over what individual items to order, as well as the forecast & analytics for the product range as a whole. It’s now easy to separate products into their different sizes, colours, or anything else, as well as group them together for easy viewing.

Integration with purchase orders

Use StockTrim to fully manage your supplier purchase orders since this is not available in Shopify. Create purchase orders based on StockTrim’s forecasts and suggested order quantities, then manage the workflow from draft, approving, then finally sending to your supplier. You can then receive the purchase orders when they arrive.

Updating of inventory levels back into Shopify

When receiving purchase orders in StockTrim, you can then send the updated inventory quantities back into Shopify so that your inventory levels stay consistent, and you can be sure of your fulfilment ability in your Shopify stores.

To get your inventory on point, please book a demo with one of the StockTrim team or request a free trial.