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  • Jun 26,2024
Below you can find a step-by-step guide on integrating Fishbowl Inventory with StockTrim. By following these instruction...
  • Apr 30,2024
New fields available You can now import the following new fields via the API: Brand, Product Type, Size and three custom...
  • Apr 18,2024
StockTrim Now Connects With Neto Follow the instructions below to integrate StockTrim and Neto via API. In Neto - User b...
  • Mar 21,2024
StockTrim's new Forecast Groups module is now live and available to use.
  • Feb 26,2024
Find Square on our Load Data page
  • Feb 22,2024
A BigCommerce API Path and Access Token Need to be:
  • Dec 12,2023
Zoho Integration Released Please find below instructions on how to create a Client Id and Client Secret in Zoho which ar...
  • Nov 16,2023
Updates to the Order Plan & 3 new downloadable Reports from StockTrim Software Todays release had some quality of life i...
  • Nov 1,2023
In todays release, we have a new report for our customers to use -Sales & Forecasts Per Item
  • Sep 22,2023
Multi select filter options for category, location, and supplier
  • May 19,2023
New Config setting to enable ignoring the sales history for components, while still showing BOM structures in the app - ...
  • Sep 22,2022
Usability updates When updating a product’s location data, the system will now match on Location Code as well as Locatio...
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