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Meet an Inventory Forecasting Software which Works in Any Country

May 12,2024

The smart inventory forecasting software StockTrim is picking up popularity in diverse markets from the US to the UK to Australia, though its creators haven’t had to localise the product - nor will you. 

Made in New Zealand, StockTrim is designed to fit small to medium businesses handling stock in any economy, any country.  

Take Mega Distribution for example, which is located in Newport Beach, California. Manager Brian Gouvion tells us the most regular customers which Mega Distribution supplies its health supplements to have become yoga studios and clinics. However, purchasing and inventory challenges have come with growth. 

Mega Distribution began distributing just 20 products when it launched ten years ago. Mega now distributes for 20 companies, and its catalogue includes over 600 products (and counting). 

With a significant increase in the number and variety of their product range, Mega knew it needed to get smart stock control software in place. 

Software solution to inventory management challenges

The replenishment planning challenges facing the California wholesaler before they found their software solution included: 

  • Purchasing was a heavy-going task. Brian and the team relied heavily on guesswork 
  • Moving away from manual stock control
  • Having to de-prioritise inventory forecasting due to flow-on effects from inefficiencies
  • Either ordering way too much or not enough - hurting the business
  • Introducing new products was hard because seeing products everyone was selling was impossible without countless spreadsheets and reports
  • Challenges involving back orders or too much stock sitting around.

Things changed when Mega found StockTrim while searching for software that would integrate with their inventory management system, Cin7. After a free trial, Mega Distribution’s investment in StockTrim quickly paid for itself. 

  • Predicted and actual demand were charted
  • Reduced stock-outs by half, saving time and money planning orders
  • Same turnover, but with a third less stock
  • The marketing team now has a clear direction of which products need promoting, based on what’s not currently moving or what’s nearing its expiry date.
  • No longer over-ordering
  • The business rarely runs out of products
  • Not sitting on excess stock
  • Brian can redirect more time into sales and pursuing new brands and products to distribute.

Small business saviour from Europe to US to Australia and NZ

StockTrim has picked up a following from small to medium businesses needing an inventory solution in the US, Europe, UK and Australia. 

English isn’t a problem - the language of inventory is universal. 

Inventory optimization software - set up your free trial in minutes

Developed and nurtured in New Zealand before finding a rapt audience worldwide, StockTrim allows any business handling inventory to move to automated, smart, easy-to-use software overnight. 

If you are a business ready to leave behind the headaches, uncertainties and wasted hours of manual purchasing, click through to join StockTrim on our free 14-day trial or organise a demo here.