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31 July 2021

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Jul 14,2024
  • Pressing enter on the order plan now searches instead of downloading CSV

  • Quickbooks – BOM can now be inferred from bundles in invoices and products data

  • Better product matching in Cin7. If product codes have changed, the system can match on the System Id to avoid creating duplicates.

  • Trade Gecko – the default Sku cost is now the moving average cost, to better match actual costs

  • Speed improvements in the purchase orders module

  • Ability to refresh supplier lists from Unleashed and Cin7

  • Average daily orders calculation updated to be more accurate when there were large future dated sales orders

  • Future sales orders will now be automatically included in the forecasts

  • Seasonality calculation updated to be more accurate when there are items with sparse demand

  • Updated ability for the parent in the BOM’s stock on hand to be taken into account when calculating the on-hand amounts for components

  • Unleashed – ability to configure whether to use the order date or required date for the effective date of the sales orders

  • Saving built products with large amounts of components – performance is now much faster

  • Cin7 – on order amounts at locations can now include holding stock

  • Dear – you can now import product dimensions and weight from the API to use in the capacity planning functionality in StockTrim

  • Implemented sign in with Xero functionality – you can now sign in directly with your Xero account instead of creating a separate StockTrim account.

  • Updated ‘Days until replenishment due’ calculation – it’s now much more accurate when the next months have a higher demand than the following ones future in the future

  • Days until Stock Out calculation also updated to be more accurate based on actual forecast instead of averages

  • Dear API – stock on hand to exclude allocated stock