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  • Jul 16,2019
If you want to run a sustainable, sophisticated and profitable manufacturing business that’s renowned for its customer s...
  • Jun 27,2019
Let's take a look at the importance of demand forecasting. It’s critical that your inventory system can cope with the co...
  • Jun 14,2019
When it comes to inventory planning, using a spreadsheet is about as sophisticated and reliable as gazing into a crystal...
  • Apr 3,2019
Read our article written by NZ Business Magazine (published April 2019) about how we got started.
  • Mar 25,2019
We often get inquiries off our website asking why StockTrim is superior to other inventory forecasting tools available.
  • Feb 20,2019
Here's some good validation for the reason why we created StockTrim. Recent research estimates the global supply chain a...
  • Feb 8,2019
In a nutshell – Inventory Management deals with what you have, Inventory Forecasting deals with what you should have.
  • Feb 2,2019
This article in stuff.co.nz on 5th December 2018 tells you a little more about how StockTrim came about... A computer pr...
  • Dec 21,2018
A Feilding coder's creation is now one step closer to taking on the world, after winning the Innovate entrepreneurial ch...
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